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Clients who want to relax and just experience the best what masseuses can offer, could try a erotic massage. This is a nude experience where you will be fully massaged from top to toe which gives a delightfull sensation. Feel the warm touch of our professional masseuses in Amsterdam and get the full relaxation threatment you are looking for. The difference in between a normal massage and a erotic massage is the ending with a happy end. This is usually done by hand (A handjob) as a finishing touch. Get the full package today by booking a girl for erotic massage on the number +31(0)6-16515792. We are open 24 hours.

You can also book girls by using our live chat – this can be found at the bottom right of our website and brings you in touch with one of our now available operators. We deliver in known hotels, airbnb accomodations or even your private apartment. This from € 180 an hour which includes delivery from within 20 minutes in the centre of Amsterdam. Once we arrive, our driver will not park in front of your door which ensures your privacy for a erotic massage. Upon a normal erotic massage, we also offer other packages such as 4 hands massage, body2body, sex massage & much more.

Massage Amsterdam With Happy End

Experience a erotic massage with happy end

All massages are carried out with a happy end. Having a massage with orgasm on regular basis in Amsterdam is good for the libido and sexual energy. Most men don’t think alot about it but it actually helps relief the tension, stress and blocks in relation of energy. If you wish to perform better under the blankets a massage is a good way to start. Experienced clients who would like to take it to another step could combine this with sex. It’s called a sexual massage and is one of the special services our girls provide. Call Courtesans in Amsterdam today on the phone number +31(0)6-16515792 as our staff is 24 hours available.

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All massages are carried out safely & professional. We advice you to take a quick shower before & after for best result. The oil used is a skin-neutral oil and can be washed off easily with the use of a warm shower. This does not leave remarks or smells. We also recommend keeping 2 towels within reach. The best places to experiecne a massage is obviously one of the better hotels in Amsterdam. We deliver to these places with no extra charge. Get in touch with us today for more info. We accept payments in Euro’s, Brittish Pounds, American Dollars, Credit Cards & Bank transfer. 100% discreet.