Why Legal Agency’s Matter

Professional Service & Discreet

Professional escort service and discreet delivered to your given location

Courtesans Amsterdam Escort is a licenced & professional escort agency. Our licence number is ASD1043GR/ESC616 and is given out with permission by the state council in Amsterdam. This means that our agency, services and Escort Girls working with us are 100% legal and do their job with confidence. A legal agency has all the right(s) to offer a legitimate service which is good for clients knowing that the services they are taking is done properly. All girls that work for our agency are at least 21 years and older, work voluntarily and love doing what they do best. There’s a dozen of reasons choosing for us!

We worked hard to aqquire all the needed documents and official inspections in order to get so far. Getting a license in general is’nt cheap either. It requires lots of paperwork and making sure everything is in check. It is also mandatory to test & check the females that work for us on regular basis, not just to keep the mood in place but also guarantee a standard of quality within our company. A happy client is a happy girl and eventually a happy escort agency. We’re in this to provide you a quality time with real escort females in Amsterdam, wether your at home, hotel or Airbnb of choice. We are open 24 hours and are licenced todo so.

Illegal Agency’s in Amsterdam?

An illegal escort agency will not provide proper support or service

The problem with unlicenced, or simply said “illegal” agency’s is that they do not hold a official business registration. They do not pay tax. They do not offer service that could give the correct customer support when you need it; or in the case of problems they wont be looking for a working sollution. They just take the money and go, and pretend like nothing ever happend. How you can recognize these agency’s? It’s fairly simple. In Amsterdam a license number must be listed onto the website(s). Anyone licenced should see no harm in doing so either and it will actually improve the quality in the business.

Second is the used photo’s, and more important the reviews behind the agency. A fairly new domain is usually thrown up fast to score quick and let new visitors believe it’s another established brand. It’s more important to look at the overal age of a website (a whois for example) and the reputation this has on several platforms. Think of google maps, trustpilot, review websites that go in depth in particular, pretty much anything you can find. Booking with an agency that uses fake pictures is’nt bad; as long as they are open towards the subject that they only have a representation of the girls.