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Get a discount when booking girls for longer hours

Courtesans Amsterdam Escort offers Escort Girls in Amsterdam for a fair price an hour. These will be delivered to your doorstep of choice within 20 minutes after confirmation of your booking. Our agency accepts various ways of payments. We will show you the way it works and more important the way you can pay when placing your reservation for escort girls. It is common to once the girl arrives, to pay the amount due. This is a mandatory transaction before anything can start at all. Once this is done and the formalities are over with you can relax together with the girl.

You can pay with cash money, which is the most common thing. We accept euro’s, american dollars and / or brittish pounds. Any foreign currency such as dollars or pounds will be added 10% due to conversion fee’s. This is normal since we have to exchance the amount as well in a currency office. When you want to pay with one of these payment methods, please inform with our operator. Another payment option is paying with Credit Card. We can charge a 10% comission fee due to transaction fee costs being charges to us for doing a credit card payment. We also have bank transfer; but only when the money arrived onto our account.

Discount Longer Hours Booking

Our service start from € 180 an hour which includes professional girls

When you surf to our rates you’ll notice that, the longer you book the better the price deal will be. We already apply discounts based on the amount of hours which start from 3 and above. This means that if you book one girl for 3 hours or longer, your overall deal will be better. Our starting rate is € 180 an hour, which includes a girl, taxi costs and standard service. Girls do offer extra’s, but it’s up to them wether to charge this accordingly or not. We cannot tell you anything about this since this is a personal decision of the escort girl. We can however based on your wishes, send you a properiate girl matching your needs.

Courtesans amsterdam is open 24 hours and has a license for it’s professional services. If your looking for high quality escort service with various payment methods; we can be of service for you. In the future we can extend with payments such as bitcoins, paypal, netskrill or more. The booking always take place discreet with no driver waiting in front of your door. In the case of cashbacks, we have the right to fight or dispute any given cases and reclaim after given service.