Redlight District in Amsterdam

Famous Street of Hookers & Brothels

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The Amsterdam Red Light district is among the most populair thing in Amsterdam worldwide. It’s located in one of the oldest parts of the city and offers legitimate “red light windows” where females promote & advertise themself for paid sex. This tourism attraction is one of the reasons why Amsterdam is so known and loved for many. Tourists but also locals tend to visit the red light with frequent visits and love seeing various females. The difference in between the Red Light District and our escort service is the privacy it offers. Where you normally would be seen going inside one of the public brothels, we deliver the girl to you.

This is what makes Courtesans amsterdam a perfect choice for those who in all secret want to enjoy & relax with females but do not want to be seen outside. Esp at night the Red Light area could be dangerous for tourists as pickpocketing is a commonly practiced scheme. You need to be carefull and always watch your own goods when you walk at night at the Red Light district. Dont take things from other people you do not know either, and always watch your drinks when your having a good time in one of the bars. It might sound a bit adventurous but it’s not that bad as it at first sounds.

Legal Prostitution Netherlands

Paid sex in amsterdam netherlands is legal

Prostitution in The Netherlands is legal by law, which means you wont be getting into problems when booking escort girls in Amsterdam. Apart from the privacy, we have a far better offering of high quality girls at a € 180 an hour pricerange. Red Lights are fun but you’ll learn quickly that you become another number. With our agency we tend to offer private time with a girl of choice and serve you up to 24 hours, where De Wallen usually closes at a certain time. Esp. with lockdowns and such; chances are great that Windows are closed till further notice. Because of our license we offer you legal escort in Amsterdam.

The game plan is fairly simple. You select or we recommend you a girl, you place your booking with our staff by calling +31(0)6-16515792 or our online chat at the bottom right, and we will send you the selected girl within 20 minutes of choice to your given location. This can be a hotel, airbnb accomodation or even your private apartment. The moment the girl arrives she will come to your door discreetly and you can let her in. The initial introduction takes place, which means you can introduce yourself as the girl introduces herself to you, any of the fee needs to be paid and your date can start.