Safe Sex with Escorts

Health & Pleasure up front

Health and safety of our girls is mandatory

Courtesans Amsterdam advocates, the practice of safe sex, and thus delivers you fantastic escort girls of choice while maintaining theirs and your health. We only allow the exercise of safe sex, which means that most common intercourse or intimate services provided, are with the use of condom(s). These will be brought by our girls upon arrival and is something you do not need to worry about. The quality of these rubbers is simply the best. They leave no remarks, smells and are suitable for mens most common sizes. Also girls get tested on frequent basis, to ensure responsible dates in Amsterdam.

There’s no reason to worry about booking escorts, knowing safe sex is a mandatory requirement. All legal & licenced escort agency’s in Amsterdam are obligated to advertise with safe sex, as it still is a health concern to practice unsafe or sexual acts without condom. Obviously things like a fetish, hand or footjobs is a different league. When you want to enjoy with females you normally dont know and want to come back with no weird signs or smells after your trip to Amsterdam, booking an escort is the right thing todo. Call us now on +31(0)6-16515792 for escort girls delivered to your location.

We Advocate Safe Sex in Amsterdam

Our girls always bring condoms that a A plus certified

STD’s are real, and even serious or life changing diseases are possible when having unprotected intercourse with others you dont know that well. This is why using escort girls from a recommended agency is always the best way or option to go. We have professional girls being trained to practice safe & responsible intercourse. if your worried about potential STD’s there’s good reason for it, but we can assure you that all our females are working voluntary and provide excellent and safe service. We advise you to take a shower before hand and make sure your nice and hygenic as this improves the overall experience.

Courtesans Amsterdam is open 24 hours, and delivers from 20 minutes in the centre of Amsterdam. No matter if your staying in a known hotel, airbnb accomodation or your private apartment. This happens discreet with no driver parking in front of your door, thus ensuring your privacy when booking girls for safe sex in Amsterdam. When you want escorts for longer hours, we already provide discount packages that are cheaper for longer hours. We accept various payments, as seen on payment options. We are available 24/7 with fast delivery. Contact us on +31(0)6-16515792 or use our live chat at the bottom right.