Top 5 fetishes

The word “fetish” is portuguese by origins and means “spell”or “charm”. Fetishism is when you are sexually attracted by something that has been in contact with the desired person.
Technically, is an intense focus on an object, body part or a medium that is essential to a person’s turn on. A true fetishist can’t have a complete sexual satisfaction without it. This can often affect real intimacy with another person.

We all have our own “thing” and anything can be turned on into a fetish! It just depends on the person’s taste and preference. A fetish is not harmful as long as it doesn’t place the persons involved in danger or it doesn’t break the law. A lot of people are ashamed about their fetish and they don’t talk about it unless are people or groups dedicated to such thing.

Let’s have a look at top 5 fetishes!

  1. Foot worship is the most common fetish out there mostly among man. They get turned on by smelling, licking or any kind of interraction with your foot, experiencing intense satisfaction.
  2. Water sports is a very common fetish which involves peeing. It can be humiliation, smell, feel or taste it, that gives to the person a turn on!
  3. Leather/Latex/Rubber can range from wearing more normal things like a cat suit to more special things such as gas masks. For sure the “bad and naughty” is always a turn on!
  4. Swinging it started to be very practiced these days. Is the scenario when a couple agrees to have sexual experiences with other couples or individuals.
  5. BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. BDSM involves different erotic practices and role playing.